Poetry Publications

My poetry has appeared in many journals, including Five Points, Gargoyle, The Satirist and The Madison Review, and my chapbook, Fairview Road was published in February 2015. I’ve been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and I write regularly for YogaCityNYC.

Here’s a sampling of my work:

Ballad of the Never-Ending Date
Climbing Kandinsky and City After the Destruction
Empty Table

Note On the End of the World

At the end of the world people
who’d gotten mostly everything
they ever wanted sat on the sidelines.
At the end of the world the money ran out
so we bartered and shared. It wasn’t hard
and people usually cared. Some opened
their homes, readying themselves for risk.
Others locked themselves in with enough
to exist, unlike the ones who shared
but had little to give. It was cruel being
judged, and not everyone was guilty,
but we lived in fear. Daylight was long
and mercurial, a queer mix of seasons.
When night appeared a fragrance rose
and we waited for rain, ethereal
in the twilight glow, whispering among
guarding crows. Things happened out of order
and at the same time, so we lay back
and read poetry and prayed and we lived this
way, together as one, and for the many
one, until we were separate or none.

– published in the Chariton Review, Winter 2017

Love Letter to My Lost Fish Spatula

I loved the way you looked—
a big, wide fork tapering down
to a cherry handle, just enough heft.
The way you slid beneath my tilapia—
discreetly elevating my two 3-ounce pieces.
I dreamt up recipes with you in mind,
perused the fish case with renewed intention.

The way I could leave you on a pan,
a low flame flickering—you
were always cool when I returned!
You weren’t made for dancing,
but the way we moved together and apart,
the way we made a thing soft and biteable,
how you glistened afterwards—

How I rubbed you carefully dry—your wood handle
nicked with wear—then tucked you safely away.
You didn’t rest for long. We seared summer off,
pressed and flipped through fall. Then the snow fell,
I moved, and now I can’t find you anywhere.
I’m considering replacing you if you don’t turn up soon.

– first appeared in Gargoyle, 58, 2012

Want to  read more? Email me! kathleen.kraft@gmail.com


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