A session with Kathleen, either with a group or privately, restores balance both body and mind. She thoughtfully guides you through breathing and poses making adjustments as necessary helping to create space and flow. Kathleen will push you when necessary, but she is also an observant teacher and will take the time to help you explore and fine tune poses. My practice has become much more consistent since I’ve been working with Kathleen, and I look forward to each session. – Alicia Williams

I got introduced to yoga privates with Kathleen via a Living Social promo- I enjoyed it so much I decided to sign up for the 7-week series. I loved it! Although I’ve been doing yoga on/off for years, the individualized attention helped me hone in on the areas that needed attention.  Now  my practice feels stronger, more fluid and definitely more confident.  I feel that it has definitely been transformed, and I thank Kathleen for that!!! – Jessy Vergel

Whether you are an absolute beginner looking to build a sound yoga practice or a more seasoned yogi looking to fine tune your skills, Kathleen is a magnificent and nurturing teacher. Many thanks, Kathleen, for your intuitive coaching!  – Dana Halsted

A yoga session with Kathleen is a lovely experience for the body, mind, and heart. She is a gifted teacher who offers serenity and balance to her students. – Joan Valeriano

Kathleen’s Yoga class is something I look forward to each week. Her way of teaching is nonjudgmental, easy to follow, yet it pushes you to do your best. She makes it a great experience for advanced and beginner levels alike. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get into Yoga for the first time, or seasoned students looking to improve on their technique. – Bryan Mendez

Attentive: Kathleen pays careful attention to her students, making thoughtful adjustments in our poses so that we can achieve comfort and good results in our practice.

Sensitive: Kathleen is alert and sensitive to each student’s individual needs and physical skills and limitations.

Thoughtful: Kathleen thinks through every class. She has a plan for the class, based on the students’ needs and desires – for example, helping with a back problem or pushing forward with challenges such as balance.

Flexible: Kathleen adjusts her teaching plan if the students’ needs require her to do so.
Patricia Rosenberg

As someone who had been out of practice for over 7 years and had multiple injuries, I was nervous about starting up again. Kathleen completely understood my situation and crafted a personalized routine for me. I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my flexibility, strength, and overall health. – Emily Engelman

Kathleen’s emphasis on rhythmic flow and breathing makes her classes a consistently relaxing part of my practice, but she balances it well with a challenging workout. And her sunny personality is always nice to be around! – Hanna Komlos

Classes with Kathleen are one of the high points of my week.  I appreciate her careful observations and her skill at adjusting the flows to provide just enough challenge.
– Kay Magilavy

I tried yoga several times before I met Kathleen but was never able to make any progress in group classes as I am not very flexible. Kathleen was able to tailor lessons to my specific needs so I could learn gradually and at my own pace. Her teaching style is clear, helpful and encouraging. I always leave the studio feeling more relaxed and loose. If you want to start yoga but you are nervous about joining a class, I would highly recommend taking private lessons with Kathleen first. She has given me a good grounding in yoga and I feel confident now that I can keep it up. – Claudia Parsons

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